I love food.

I love baking sweets and tasting them every step of the way.  I love the smell of sauteing onions and mushrooms in my cast iron skillet. I love figuring out the perfect substitutions for the dietary needs of my family.  I love having friends over to visit and preparing a huge feast.  I love the way I can head to the kitchen after a stressful day and let it all go as I prepare dinner even if it is the simplest dish. I especially love sitting down to a meal and seeing the smiles on everyone’s face after a long afternoon in the kitchen.


I’m Ann.  I’ve been on a gluten free and dairy free diet for over ten years due to a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis.  I have also been married to a vegan since 2004.  At first it was  difficult to recreate our favorite foods.  Over the years it has become a personal challenge (in a “they’re never going to believe this” kind of way) to create simple yet delicious dishes that satisfy the cravings of our past.

Did I mention that I love to cook?  It’s true.  The place we are in our lives (we have two small boys) lends me to cook balanced meals that are quick, complete, delicious, gluten free and vegan. I have found many substitutions and tricks over the years that allow us to indulge in plenty of treats!


Unmeasured inspiration came about to describe my typical cooking style of “a little of this and a little of that”. I never think to ditch a recipe if I am missing a few ingredients but rather take it as a challenge.  I usually prefer more spices and herbs to my dishes and use my hands to “measure” the ingredients.   The inspiration part comes from life experiences.  I have lived in Germany, Portugal (for a short time), Kentucky, Minnesota, Georgia, Massachusetts, and now California.  Throughout my journeys, I have met some wonderful friends who have inspired me to try new things.  My hope for this blog is that you may take from my inspiration and challenge yourself in your personal cooking goals.

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Join me to learn about different tricks of gluten free, vegan cooking, to enjoy fresh recipes, and to learn about the inspirations in my life that led to this place.


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